Established in 2014, Greenbough Design provides architectural planning, design, and project management services dedicated to the healthcare industry.  We have extensive experience in the highly regulated environments of OSHPD 1 and OSHPD 3 facilities; we specialize in acute care, outpatient primary and specialty care facilities, and licensed clinics.  

We believe in a collaborative approach to design, which unites all project stakeholders in a common vision of project success. Together we define a clear process to achieve that vision; the ultimate goal is the collective success of the project.

Our experience includes the following healthcare facility types:

  • Acute care (OSHPD 1) hospitals

  • Outpatient medical facilities including medical offices, primary care and specialty clinics

  • Licensed outpatient clinics (OSHPD 3)

  • Rural and federally qualified health centers

  • Indian health services facilities

  • Skilled nursing and senior care facilities