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The name Greenbough springs from topping out ceremonies that celebrate the placing of the last beam of a building.  A long established tradition with Scandinavian roots, modern topping out ceremonies celebrate the combined efforts of the owner, employees, contractors, and design team at the completion of a significant milestone of the work.  On this happy occasion, a united project team celebrates their shared success.

We believe that…

… the client defines the metrics for project success.  We filter all project decisions through the elements our client will use to measure.


… every healthcare project, regardless of size, deserves direct and meaningful involvement of senior healthcare design staff.

... every architect at Greenbough Design is fluent in the technology infrastructure required to for today's integrated healthcare delivery models, including Revit and Navisworks.

... developing a relationship as a trusted team member with our clients is more important than any single project.  We act in the client’s best interest, even at the cost of obtaining work.  Our goal is to pursue partnerships, not projects.

… design may not be linear, but it should follow a process, and that processes should have structure that can be described, so that each participant understands their role.  The process will work if we are comprehensive in defining it and we hold ourselves, and our fellow team members, accountable to our commitments.

… like our clients, we have dedicated our careers to healthcare.  The experience and perspective we have acquired, together with our passion to improve the healthcare environment, is the greatest asset we offer.

… recognition by our clients for good work is the ultimate measure of our success.  

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